Two-day Intermediate Professional Cocktail Training

Here at the Snowdonia Distillery Cocktail Academy we have developed our professional cocktail bar training based on our unique understanding of spirits from the chemistry of distilling and the science of mixology.


The courses that we put on are delivered at our purpose built cocktail academy in North Wales, from which hands on experience, skills and training can be delivered to small groups.


Unlike many other cocktail training courses, we focus our unique classic-first training system which builds and develops skills around the world’s most classic cocktails first. This method not only ensure that techniques and flavor balancing is mastered, but allows those who go through the process greater scope of creativity and mastery as you continue to develop your own signature serves and become a master mixologist in your own right.


Two-day Intermediate Cocktail Bar Training Course


The two-day intermediate is designed for those who have already gained some experience of cocktail making and had chance to employee these skills in practice behind a working bar. Although the introductory one-day course is not a prior requirement, this course leads on from the skill sets we teach in the introductory course, and participants should be familiar with classic cocktails, glassware,  barware, tools and the fundamental cocktail techniques.


This course is designed to push your sensory abilities, develop creative, well balanced drinks under pressure, as well as explore some our own signature serves and some lost and forgotten classics that will wow and impress your customers.



Day One


Part one


  • Creative challenge to show case your cocktail skills and ability to think on your feet;


Part two


  • Advanced Spirit, wine and beer tasting, knowledge and understanding;
  • The chemistry behind alcohol, ice, glassware and sensory experience
  • Garnish challenge; making cocktails look good



Day Two




  • Forgotten classics;
  • The rules of substituting ingredients
  • The role of ice




  • The magic of creating moments in the customers journey
  • Cocktail challenge incorporating the knowledge learnt



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