Tommy's Tipple

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Here at Snowdonia Distillery, we like to look after our friends. So when one of the distillery's close friends 'Tommy' had their birthday coming up, we thought what better way to help her celebrate than gather a few friends together in our Private Tasting Rooms and put on a private bar.  

Tommy's Tipple was one of the cocktails which went down probably a little bit too well...

40ml 1680 Welsh Dry Gin

20ml Crème de Peche

½ Lime Mexican Elbowed

20ml Blueberry Syrup

3 Raspberries

Ginger Beer

Add all the ingredients except for ginger beer into a shaking tin. Muddle the raspberries, shake hard then strain into a Collins glass. Top with ginger beer, garnish with a lime wedge and 2 raspberries.

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